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Computer Basics: Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer

August 13, 2019

A desktop computer is made up of several basic
parts, and in this video we’re going to show you what these parts are, and what they’re
used for. The computer case contains the main components
of the computer. This is where the actual processing happens. Today, most cases are
tower cases, which means they stand up vertically. Sometimes you may see a horizontal case,
which is often called a desktop case. In order to view anything on your computer,
you’ll need to have a monitor. The monitor connects to the video card inside your computer,
to display images and text on the screen. Most monitors have LCD or LED displays, which
can be made very thin, so they don’t use much desk space. To save even more space, you can
buy an all-in-one computer, which combines the monitor and the computer case into a single
unit. To interact with your computer, you’ll need
a keyboard and mouse. Keyboards come in different shapes and sizes: for example, ergonomic and
wireless keyboards. The mouse is used to control the mouse pointer on the screen. It can either
be optical, which has an electronic eye on the bottom, or mechanical, which uses a rolling
ball to detect movement. Some people prefer to use a trackball or touchpad
instead of a mouse. These use less desk space, since they don’t need to move when you’re
using them. So those are the basic parts of a desktop
computer. As you can see, each part plays an important role, and you’ll become very
familiar with these parts as you gain more experience with your computer.

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    Monitor could connect directly to an integrated graphics I/O port from the motherboard, not necessarily a card. And this may be an obvious exception, but the computer could be touchscreen.

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