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CNG kit maintenance part 3. Car CNG gas kit repair and maintenance. setting and tuning

August 24, 2019

just clean this cake you can see From all sides from inside from outside and the condition now. You can see it’s way better than before It’s not like new but it is very very better than before And what I used Some people are questioning This solvent are used and this is of course regular gasoline, The gasoline is cheaper and available everywhere. So a regular gasoline I am comfortable with gasoline and you can use any solvent for the job. The solvent you are comfortable with you can use I am comfortable with a regular Guest gasoline This is readily available everywhere and it is cheap also low cost so I use this one and Whatever is your choice. You can use for your work So now the kit is ready To fix it and that on the car And I will fix it and then we’ll show you the later on whatever the adjustments We are making and whatever the alignment. I’m making to perform this kit. Well with the car So here one adjustment is you can see this? brass Bolt with a spring arrangement inside. There is a spring arrangement as you I will show you before so this we will adjust we will adjust it like this Up to some extent where the car will be here well nicely I mean where it will not stall and the car will stay running. In slow speed running very well and also the car should start well enough so that will be our optimum point for this nut and then later on we will put some RTV silicone over here to Lock it in position And that lock will be temporary lock because if we will remove it will be removed like that and another Adjustment which I can show you is over here in this one by using a screwdriver and 19 millimeter Socket this is now loose. You can see I will make it adjustment. Which is use of screwdriver insight and then District on the car so these two adjustment. I will make and I will show you on the car Now we are making a first attempt of prepare To start this car. Maybe it will take a long crank because of course the line has no gas and it took some air also, and it accumulated the air and as well as the The setting will not be good. I mean to say the calibration and whatever the Alignment of the kit will not be good. So that’s why it will take a long crank and will start ok start it, please Yeah, it started As you can see the stalling and Achaia so I will adjust it. I will adjust it over here this brush whatever the brass bolt inside I will try it and then we will see and we will go to look for the good performance and No stalling and as well as for the good slow slow running. Okay started again again Okay, the motherfucker Again, this is still not good. Okay start it again Okay, I started So we will make this internal adjustment as well. We will make this a different as well performance started again Now hey there’s another different answering to This one we will adjust this one output for the group apartment, so I’m having my plant. Hope we Lose the next or this one you can use anything. I mean the applier are whatever the spanner. Whatever is available with you Oh, this is a good place to talk okay remove your room remover for problem guess again So here we will just again the bras bolt we will adjust for the optimum performance so now This seems to me our point where the engine is still running? It is not stopping we stopped it Intentionally but this point is good So you will make adjustment and we will fix this Nut also with a 19 millimeter, and this is the optimum adjustment for this kit So here are the controls which I just discussed to Go be done one is or here. You can see this one this one We will adjust follow very very much fine-tuning of the kit while the car is started we will get the optimum performance with this Bolt Ours, whatever the adjustment and Also, the other one second one is here We will get it To the inner position so the maximum inner position and we will accelerate the car so that the curve should accelerate with a minimum bolt out our Maximum in so this is what is the main gas control? we will we will set the car in the optimum condition so that it will not take much more color much more more gas and it will run properly so something like that will be our optimum setting for this one and then Later on the third one which I am going to show you is not related to the gas But it is related to the engine carburetor. Which is or here you can see this screw This one over here this one is adjusting actually the idle speed for this carburetor So we will set the idle speed in such a way that the car should not stall or should not stop Meanwhile It is started. I mean to say that the car should stay start We will set the idle position in such position Idle I mean to say this is setting this throttle cable in the position that The car will stay start so something like that now I am going to show you how I approach this setting so the setting you can optimize with your Experience and with a little bit hit and trial method you can make it very very much Nice setting for your car for this one. I did now. I am just going to show you I’m out of the car now you can see and there is no control touched. My son is sitting actually He is not touching to any control. Don’t touch any control so we are going to start by car I am going to start this one from the ignition You can see so just technician. I will give and I will start the car from the outside so let us see if this by your car is doing like this then you can say it is optimized so like this and So it is started like a petrol car is starting and it is saying start. You can see it is not dying So this is the optimum setting for this one, and now it is of course on gas you can see the gas lights you can see and Here also you can see the dashboard, so this one was now. I am going to show you how to set the idle Idle you will set in the way by this crease we will fit in the way that it should just idle It should not be very very much high-speed I mean to say the engine should not run very high and should not run very slow for that It will not come to spoke in certain conditions while on the Road, Url Side the Rest condition, and then the car is serving so that’s something very bad. So now as you saw The condition is optimum now. I am going to stop it again, and we’ll start it in the front of you once again There is nobody in the car, and I’m starting from the outside so the Starting is like. I guess dessaline car is starting something like that. That is your optimum starting condition for this car So hope you people understood what I did with the setting and you people will be able to do it with your cars also so if you liked this video Please give a thumbs up and subscribe my channel and also stay tuned for the future videos. Thank you for watching

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    You didnt take long to find the ideal settings, and it started easy 😀

    its like adjusting the carburetta, observing the engine smoothness while making small adjustments to find the sweet spot for all.
    You could do it with very expensive test equipment, but tuning by ear often gives better results 😀

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    While dismantling, first shut off main valve , release gas pressure from main line, otherwise gas jet can drill through your hand or whatever in contact

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