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Clash Royale CLASHMAS UPDATE! ❄️ Free Tower Skin ☃️ New Card ❄️ TV Royale

December 3, 2019

Hello, Clash Royale fans
from around the world. I’m Seth. I’m Drew, and we’re here
to tell you all about Season 6, starting on December 2nd. Keep watching this video
to find out how to get a free emote and a free Tower Skin. TV ROYALE SEASON 6
CLASHMAS Season 6 will be full
of new content for you guys. We have a new Tower Skin,
new Pass Royale rewards, a new Arena
and a brand-new card. This season, and this season only,
there is a free Tower Skin as part of the free Pass Royale rewards. And, keep an eye out
for the Gingerbread Tower, available in the Shop. For all you Pass Royale players, we will have the Clashmas Skin. This skin will only be available
with Pass Royale in Season 6. That means there are three,
yes, three Tower Skins that you can find this Clashmas. We’ve got a brand new Arena
coming in Season 6: The Clashmas Arena. The Clashmas Arena
is nestled at the base of Frozen Peak. – Cozy up with your best friends…
– …and destroy them in Arena combat! We have a brand-new card coming
in Season 6. The Battle Healer! We did a reveal video last week
and you guys loved her. There was so much cool discussion,
fan art… We’re so excited to get this
in the game for you guys. In case you missed last week’s video, Battle Healer is a 4-cost Rare that heals herself when she’s
out of combat, heals herself and and allied troops
when she’s swinging her sword, She’s an awesome mini tank
with this unique healing ability, She’ll be a really interesting troop and
we cannot wait to get her into the Arena. We want as many players as possible to play with the Battle Healer
as soon as she is released. So we developed a new card level
boost system. What this means is: When you unlock the Battle Healer, she will be boosted
to your King Tower level. So if you’re level 13,
you get a max-level Battle Healer. She will be leveled up automatically,
you can use her in your ladder deck… or also in Tournaments
for the duration of the season. The Card Level Boost
is available for everybody. – Everybody!
– Yeah, everybody! All you need to do is:
Unlock Battle Healer, simple as that. That should change
the feel of the battle button and really make the meta game feel
like there’s a new Card in the Arena. HOW TO UNLOCK BATTLE HEALER First up, a Challenge on December 2nd,
as soon as the season starts. But that’s not all! There will be
a follow-up challenge on December 23rd, to unlock her if you missed it the first
time or just to get more Battle Healers. And for the first time ever, we are putting a new Card
on Trophy Road, to be unlocked. BATTLE LEVEL
BOOST FAQ! If your King Tower levels up
during the middle of the season, the boost will follow. When the Card Level Boost finishes, your Card will go back down
to its original level. If you’ve enjoyed
playing with Battle Healer, make sure to collect her, level her up. And that’s how
the Card Level Boost works. We’re hoping the Battle Healer brings
some sugar, spice and everything nice to this Clashmas season. Some of you may have noticed
we dropped an update earlier this week, where we have brand-new looks for Cards,
there’s loads of information. We hope this will be useful
for new and old players alike. If you’re curious on how to use
or counter the Battle Healer, check out her demo video
in the Card info screen. Yes, that’s a good plug
for the new Card info screen there. I worked hard on this. We also revamped
the Elixir and Card system, so it should be much more robust,
much more responsive to your quick touches. And now every battle in every Arena
and Trophy level lasts just 5 minutes. Sudden Death now lasts two minutes. It’s going to ramp up from single to
double to triple Elixir by the end. So use all that extra Elixir. – Finish ’em off!
– Yeah. In last week’s update,
we reverted Executioner back to his pre-September state, gave Witch her area damage back
and introduced whole new Arrows, which we hope you’re really enjoying. You can read more about
these changes in the patch notes, linked in the description. But it wouldn’t be a new season
without a balance update. Let’s talk about the changes that are
coming on December 2nd. Yes. First up,
Elixir Golem is getting a nerf. Knight is getting a buff. And for the Season of Giving, we’re giving back Three Musketeers
some of their deployment time. Last but not least, we have
the Clash Royale League World Finals, taking place in Los Angeles
on December 7th The times are below,
the channel is in the description. Make sure to watch it.
It’s gonna be epic. We’ve got six teams. The best teams from around the globe.
Check it out. Fantasy Royale is returning
for the 2019 World Finals. If you don’t know what Fantasy Royale is,
go into the eSports tab and set your dream team of your
favorite, or best, Clash Royale players. They’ll earn a point for every Crown
that they earn in the World Finals And the winner will walk away
with a ton of Gems. Yeah. Everybody who signs up
for Fantasy Royale will get this really cool King Emote, As you can see here,
displayed by my lovely assistant. So, head to the eSports tab,
watch the World Finals and get a load of cool free stuff. Season 6 Clashmas
is just stuffed with goodies. We’ve got Tower Skins,
a new Card, balance updates… – Card Level Boosts!
– Card Level Boosts! A brand-new Arena… some other stuff… We can’t even remember them all! Earn that free Tower Skin,
get all the cool rewards… Have some fun in Clash Royale.
Play with the Battle Healer! Enjoy Season 6: Clashmas,
starting on December 2nd. Yes. Thank you guys for watching
and we’ll see you next time. Peace. SUBSCRIBE

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