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Cheap Geek – Computer Repair Brisbane – Hard Disk Upgrade – SSD

August 20, 2019

Hi guys Jason here from Cheap Geek in Brisbane. I want to talk to you about one of the biggest problems we have out there in the field, the most common thing we hear complaints about and it’s a slow computer. Everyone’s kind of had it everyone’s seen it, spinning wheels, taking ages to load up these types of things a lot of the time people get that frustrated They just go and throw the computer out go and spend another fifteen hundred, two thousand dollars on a new computer I want to show you how today, we can get around, we can get these things fixed for an absolute fraction of that price. It’s a very very simple operation. So let’s get into it Now, your computer home, most people will have one of these hard drives inside of one of these hard drives. These are your traditional spinning discs hard drive They’re in PCs and MACs. Absolutely everything and what happens is they are a mechanical device They degrade they slow down and hence your computer starts to slow down there can be Absolutely nothing wrong with the rest of your computer as soon as this little thing starts to slow down your computer goes terribly slow and people tend to throw them away. What I’m going to show you today is changing one of these over to a solid state hard drive; One of these and show you the speed improvement that can be achieved Okay, so this is a laptop that I picked up online I think it was only about $200 not very much at all. It’s about five years old. This is the type of thing you may have sitting around at home, not using any more because its slowed down Or you may still be using something like this and you’re just ready throw it out because it’s running so slow. Most of the times nothing wrong with the laptop at all. It’s just the hard drive that’s the bottleneck So what I’m going to do; this one, I’ve just bought, now this particular laptop this is very much the type of things that I buy for my guys to take around with them in the field you simply put the solid state hard drive in and it’s a perfectly usable laptop even professionals like us. So no problem there. This particular one; I’ve bought this one for an existing client of mine. He doesn’t want to pay $1500 for a new computer. He’s elderly fellow and he said Jace, I just want to get something nice and cheap that’s going to work. As I said, now this thing cost me a couple hundred dollars. I’m gonna put a solid state in there for him and you’ll see at the end it’s an absolutely perfectly functioning laptop for an absolute fraction of what you would pay to go out and buy a new one from Harvey Norman or something like that So first things first, let’s boot it up. It’s just got pure Windows 10 on it. Nothing else Let’s boot it up and just see how it takes to to boot up and launch chrome then take a time mark of that Okay, guys, let’s kick off the boot process and see how long this takes. This is with the spinning disk hard drive Okay, so that took a whole Three minutes 52 seconds. 4 minutes. 4 torturous minutes to boot that laptop up All I did was boot up and started up Chrome; 4 minutes. Now that is with the spinning this hard drive Understandable you could see why you’d be going “I don’t want this computer. It’s too slow” Ok, so I’ve installed the solid state into the laptop. Let’s let’s give it a boot up. Lets time it. Okay, so you can see there, that’s 24 seconds from boot to opening up chrome. You can see that’s extraordinarily fast. Compare that to the 4 odd minutes with the old hard drive. Straight away, you can start to see this isn’t a throwaway computer anymore. This is something you can use daily. Probably faster than something you’d go buy at the shop. A lot of the ones in the shop still use the old spinning disk hard drives so be aware of that if you do buy a new one, but seriously for Not much money your existing machine You can see the type of speed difference we get out of it. Hope you enjoy that and thanks for watching.

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