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Budget Laptops for Students – The Best for your money (Top 5- 2019)

December 2, 2019

so I guess that you are looking for an
inexpensive laptop that is cheap and will handle anything you want as a
student so you have multiple demands you want it to handle being thrown in a bag
and forgotten and maybe snap-on without it breaking you want an amazing battery
cut it’s gonna last you the whole day you wanna go from the first class to the
last class without having to worry about your charger you want it to stay charged
all day and not only do you want all of that you want it to handle some basic
tasks you want to handle gaming you want it to handle some simple games and some
documents and some project homework and some YouTube streaming and some Netflix
streaming you want everything in a package without paying a dime well guess
what that is impossible I’m just joking don’t worry I found you everything you
need I found you a cheap amazing inexpensive laptop for students
well actually I found you five of them just to make sure that you get to pick
exactly what you need so coming up number five we have the Acer Chromebook
spinning 11 this is the best convertible Chrome OS laptop you could get as a
student so basically if you want a laptop that also serves as a tablet and
this is gonna be your best choice it is convertible meaning it turns into a
tablet when you turn the screen 360 degrees however please have in mind it
is not gonna be as most tablets as it also has a keyboard
with it and it’s a little bit bigger so it’s gonna be a little bit heavier than
your normal tablet other than that it is amazing ok so now we can talk about the
features it has an Intel Celeron and 3150 processor 1.6 gigahertz up to 2.08
gigahertz with Intel burst technology ok so then we have the graphics intel HD
graphics and 4 gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of emmc flash storage ok so
you may wonder what is emmc flash storage it is a kind of storage that is
faster than hardest a little bit slogan SSDs but it is much more durable so
what’s so cool about this technology is it is shock resistant if you drop an HDD
it is gonna break or if you drop your laptop that has an HDD in it it’s really
really easily break power emmc is very shock and vibration resistant and if you
are thinking what 32 gigabytes man don’t worry because these days you can buy a
USB flash drive with up to 128 gigabytes of storage just at around $20
or you could also go for an external hard drive which could easily hold up to
one terabyte of space and if you’re worrying about something sticking out of
your laptop then don’t because you can put an SD card you know the one that you
put in the camera the same one you can put it in your laptop and it’s gonna
work the same way it gives you a big amount of storage and that’s another
good solution ok now let’s move on to the display it
has an HD 11.6 inch display with high brightness and it is an LED backlit IPS
display IPS panels are known to have the best color accuracy out of all
Faneuil tykes and they also have the feature of amazing viewing angles so if
you are sharing this laptop with others and wanna share information with your
students your colleagues this is gonna be an amazing choice because whatever
angle they’re looking at you up to from color quality will not draw whereas a
normal display if you look at on the top it’s gonna go dark or something I look
at it from underneath it’s gonna go light and the laptop has ten hours of
battery life and a chrome operating system so if you’re worried about the
chrome operating system don’t be because the chrome OS is built by Google the
biggest company in the world right now and it has the best virus protection and
this target – much less hackers than Windows devices so if you always get
viruses and you’re sick and tired of downloading anti viruses and trying to
get rid of your viruses and end up formatting your computer and share
sending it to the shop to remove your viruses and don’t worry because Chrome
OS does not have that problem the only downside with a Chrome OS is that you
cannot download Windows programs but you can download anything you want from
Google Play Store you have like 1 million apps or something so they are
more than enough so don’t worry about that and you get to use Google Documents
for free unlike Microsoft where you have to pay every year Google Documents
backups your it saves your files it backs them up on Google Drive everything
is amazing so coming up to number four we have the
Acer Aspire 15 laughing this is gonna have the best specs for your money in a
laptop on this list but in order for them to give you more specs at a smaller
price they have to cut down on some other components the processor is an
eighth generation Intel Core i3 8130 new processor it has 2.2 gigahertz and up to
3.2 gigahertz with Intel burst technology it has Intel HD graphics 620
and it has 6 gigabytes of RAM okay now the good thing with this it has
one terabyte of storage the bad thing is it is an HPV storage type so if you used
SSDs before it’s gonna feel a little bit slower than SSDs however it is much more
cost effective space on HDDs you get much more space for a much lower price
and that’s how they manage to give you all these specs in such a low price
the display is full HD and it is 15 point 6 inches and the operating system
on this laptop is Windows 10 64-bit the battery life on this thing is
outstanding so if battery life is very valuable to you I definitely suggest you
go with this one it has 13 hours of battery life so if you always forget
your charger and you are always asking people if they have charges then don’t
worry about that no more it has 13 hours of battery life it will
easily last you any day at work or at school or at university and this laptop
it has a sir – harmony which ensures movies come to life songs have more
depth and games are even more engaging ok and if you would like playing games
and you like playing multiplayer games maybe this can easily handle top title
games as long as you push the settings down it will handle um but don’t expect
something crazy like 200 FPS this is not a gaming laptop but it has amazing specs
and it can easily handle games like dota CS go for night but remember it is not a
gaming laptop so don’t expect very high FPS if you put the settings down you can
definitely run some games so as I said the only downside in this locker is it
has an HDD but if you love the speed and you want your laptop to boot very fast
and everything don’t worry you can also buy the bigger brother the version with
500 gigabytes of SSD which would definitely be faster than the HDD but
it’s also gonna cost you a little more but honestly like loading speed is not
more of a necessity it is more of long jury and if you would like that law
great you’re gonna have to invest a little bit more for the SSD version
coming up the numbers really have the best durable and rugged laptop so if you
want something rugged and durable that won’t break this is definitely gonna be
your best choice it is the asus chromebox ii 202 this
laptop has a military-grade design meaning it is the most rigid laptop you
are gonna get it is mera bulletproof and it also has a spill resistant keyboard
meaning if you are clumsy and you always spill your coffee on your laptop don’t
worry this will handle it okay now let’s talk about the specs it has an Intel
Celeron and 3060 processor up to 2.48 gigahertz and the graphics is Intel HD
graphics with 4 gigabytes of RAM and the storage is 64 gigabytes of emmc flash
storage display is 11 point 6 inches with anti glare so if you worry about
straining your eyes an tickler gives less strain on your eyes so it’s a
little bit better for that and it is an HD display which means you can enjoy the
colors and the HD quality ok other than that it has a 180 degree display
rotation which is very good for sharing you can make the laptop flat and it’s
gonna be amazing for sharing with groups of students or other colleagues we’re
going to share your ideas it’s good for that and it is drop proof meaning you
don’t have to worry about it you can throw it in your bag you can sit on your
back by mistake maybe throw your back somewhere without you remembering and it
has a laptop it will withstand all that without breaking unless of course you
are the most unlucky person on earth and other than that it has a 10 hour battery
life meaning it should handle your full day coming up in number 2 we have the Acer
Chromebook 514 this is the best overall Chrome operating system laptop it has an
Intel Celeron and 3450 processor up to 2 point 2 gigahertz the graphics is Intel
HD graphics 500 it has 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of emmc flash storage
and the display is a 14 inch IPS panel Full HD display and as we mentioned
before IPS panels have amazing color accuracy and they have very wide viewing
angles so whatever angle you view them from it is not gonna change the color
quality it has a Chrome OS and it has 12 hours of battery life and what else is
amazing about this thing it has a full touch screen up to ten finger support so
unless you’re an alien and you have more than 10 fingers and this touch display
is going to be more than enough for you so as we mentioned before Google Chrome
operating system have an amazing virus protection and it’s extremely unlikely
to get any type of viruses and Google sheets is completely free and it has an
autosave feature and it backs up all your files on Google Drive to make sure
you don’t lose your hard work what else is cool about chrome operating systems
is you get 100 gigabytes of storage on Google Drive that means you get an extra
100 gigabytes of online storage this laptop has no cons whatsoever it’s
amazing in every aspect coming up in number one is the Asus vive book L 203
ma this is the best budget-friendly Windows 10 laptops for students pupils
scholars you name it it is a very cheap and good choice it has an Intel Celeron
and 4000 processor with up to 2.6 gigahertz the graphics is Intel HD
graphics 600 it has 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of emmc flash storage and
it has a 14 in Full HD IPS panel with full touchscreen
so you have another IPS panel with a full touchscreen meaning amazing color
quality wide viewing angles the only downside with this thing is the
operating system is Windows 10 in S mode this means that you can only download
things from the Microsoft App Store you cannot get things as you would on a
normal into 10 PC but that also has its upsides that means you cannot download
anything except for from Microsoft Office meaning you will never get any
virus problems or infected PCs and it’s less likely to have any infections or
viruses and the battery life is also amazing it has a 10 hour battery life ok
so this thing is extremely portable it has a good battery life it is very cheap
it has Asus splendid display technology and Asus true-to-life display technology
so the display is amazing it is very lightweight meaning it won’t break on
the first drop and it is smaller than a 4 paper so this laptop comes with one
year of Microsoft Office and it is a very well known and reviewed product it
is extremely well known and reviewed it has very positive reviews the only
negative reviews are people complaining that it is an S mode but I talked about
that so be aware it is in Windows 10 and smooth other than that is just an
amazing laptop and I would definitely go for like this is definitely the best
budget choice and as I said before on this video don’t worry about storage in
these laptops you can always get a USB with 128 gigabytes of space you can get
a micro SD card which you put into the slot and laptop or you could also have
an external hard drive which also will go up to one terabyte of space or even
more so if I was of any help in picking your
laptops and you found the best laptop for you then please make sure like
subscribe and comment below – to you as I did hours and hours of research and I
found you the best options I even wrote a 4000 word blog about it so don’t worry
about it just go for it and I wish you a nice day

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