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Bra Size | How to Measure at Home – Get Perfect Bra Size in Tamil

October 9, 2019

Bra Size How to Measure at Home – How to Get Perfect Bra Size | Tamil Beauty Tv Hello friends, All of us wish to dress up well especially girls. If we don’t wear the correct inner garment the look and fit of the dress will be spoiled. Many people select bra and wear without knowing their exact size and worry that it doesn’t fit. In this video we are going to give a simple calculation which helps you to find the perfect fitting size bra. We need two measurements, Band size and Cup size to know the perfect fitting bra. First let us see how to find the band size. With an inch tape measure around the bottom of the band size, directly under your bust. If your band size is 34 add 5 inches with it and it comes to 39 but bra size will be in even numbers. So your band size is 40. In Yesteryears as the material was rigid they use to keep extra 5 inches but even now-a-days they maintain this standard. So when you add this extra 5 inches you get the perfect fit. Next let us see how to measure the cup size. Cup size is the circumference of the breast and there are four variations A(1), B(2), C (3) and D (4). Measure your cup size with an inch tape. Deduct Band size from cup size (For eg., 40-38=2) So the cup size is B and the perfect bra size is 40 B . If your cup size is more than band size then deduct cup size from band size. Some tips to be followed while buying bra. In certain bra there will be wires in the front and make sure that the wires fit in the centre of the boobs. Make sure that the strap at the back of your bra is horizontal which gives perfect fit.

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    Band size is 30+5=35+1=36
    Breast size is 37
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