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Best Live Tv Streaming 2018 | The Resident

December 3, 2019

called you appear to discuss the
incident from this morning just a tragic situation do you hit an artery an
appendectomy how could that happen but let me tell y’all something this
chick right here my Game of Thrones fans would know this is the Cersei of
Medicine she is drama-filled and creates a whole
lot of tension on this show to the point when y’all gonna be ready to see her get
off which leads for a great TV show and we’re talking about the resident the
hottest new medical show on TV how can they keep making these shows they never
go out of style you’ll just have to go ahead and take a look at this one
because it’s definitely worth your time as we cover in this week’s live TV best
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your value for your entertainment we’re going to discuss the one this week
called the resident really good but first y’all know we got to put on the
plus seven glasses of TV and cinema sexy as hell because we working on skilling
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and as always for TV shows movies sports and pay-per-views check out HD IPTV the
resident is relatively a new show they just started their second season and
ladies and gentlemen this show is really good some of you all might be familiar
with the main character Matt Krasinski I’m butchering his last name but y’all
might remember him from The Good Wife and he’s a first-year law so shit he
went to Harvard he’s kind of been an overachiever his entire life turns with
the friends and y’all also know it’s this movie’s finished show stars my girl
Emily VanCamp who has done a lot of Disney ABC shows
from revenge she’s in The Avengers I really really love Emily VanCamp that’s
my homegirl the synopsis of this entire story is the
traditional societal story you have a young doctor who’s just got done with
med schools going through residency he has all these big bright ideas about how
he’s gonna help the world he’s gonna save people he’s gonna change medicine
and then he has to work under the under the doctor who plays Matt’s
character and Matt has to pull that stab of innocence off him and let him know
just how crooked medicine is so there has been a long line of medical shows
this one has more of a darker spins not gonna be your fun Grey’s Anatomy it has
a dark spin but it’s really good the main character you at times it seems
like he’s an anti villain but as the season progresses you’ll see that he’s
really a good guy that’s just been tainted so some of the crazy stories
that happen in this show you have a world-renowned cancer doctor so we think
who’s crooked as hell and it’s a female then you have the guy who’s chief of
Cardiology he’s a little crooked because certain things that he needs to do or
use to make his job work are starting to fail him and he don’t want to let go so
you start having people dying on the operating table he’s covering it up
people going to get surgery and because he has this reputation he refuses to
quit and they also have the da Vinci robotic heart surgery device in this
show and they have a renowned actress who is from Africa who plays a
cardiothoracic surgery and she just nails it out the part some of y’all
might remember seeing her in Black Panther ain’t gonna spoil it but she
comes in is always saving his bacon and she knows that he’s faking these
surgeries so you’ve just got a hodgepodge of crazy cases demented
doctors extortionists nurses all kinds of craziness going on in this show and
at the end of the show you guys might remember this character yes–that’s malcolm-jamal Warner he
comes in as the most brilliant cardiac surgery in all the United States and his
character is extremely hard grizzled he’s hard character he doesn’t take any
punishment no prisoners and I think that your love is character because a lot of
these people that are extremely hardcore or hardcore because the world has
stained them and in particular when you’re dealing with medicine money and
politics and hot honeys shit usually goes down wrong so if you don’t want to
be bored over this weekend definitely go string the resident it will not steer
you wrong you’ll be thoroughly entertained and y’all leave me some
comments and let me know how you feel about if you’ve already seen or if you
haven’t that’s gonna do it for this watch what’s to see livestream don’t
forget to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself a life game
check out the resident you’ll be thoroughly pleased their own season
number two so you’ll have a whole lot of shows to binge and until the next sexy
as hell streaming live TV show I’ll see you you

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    Yes sir

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    Thanks always look forward to your vids.

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    2 expensive

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    Great show I love it thanks

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    The resident is a great show! Watched from beginning.

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