(5,1) Updating to The Mojave Firmware For Full PCIE PC GPU Link Speed – Mac Pro Series S.3 EP.4

July 6, 2019

hello I'm Greg right game Brett came odds and welcome to episode 4 of season 3 of my mac pro series today's episode I'll be showing you how to flash your 5 comma 1 even your 4 comma 1 flash 1 5 comma 1 Mac Pro to the latest EFI firmware update that came in Mojave without actually having to go to Mojave and this is good because for instance if you don't want to upgrade to Mojave it will enable 5 gig speed on the PCIe slot at least cosmetically they've always said that the glitch that has been in the 5 comma ones coating since day 1 for PC cards was just cosmetic but a lot of people have claimed that it isn't just cosmetic and it does make a difference and the 138th firmware update enables full 5 gig slot speeds and I'll be showing you how to do that today and the only thing you need is a copy of the mojave installer and you'll have to have a metal supported card borrow one or anything like that pour a brief second to start the flash for the installer because the installer will block you otherwise or you need a hack which I just literally discovered apparently hi Sierra doesn't realize that five 80s and five 60s and I guess five seven these the GTX variety are not actual metal cards and I'll be showing you how to do that with one of these instead the 5 950 I was going to do but before we go and do all this hey are you looking to save some money to buy a Mac Pro for instance maybe you're thinking of selling an Apple device or something like that let's quickly watch an ad buy sell your Mac calm the people that made this season possible and then we'll go on into the video so let's go hi are you looking to sell an Intel Mac like one of these maybe you're looking to sell your older iPhone like one of these if you go to sell your Mac calm slash rut K mods link in the description and sell your device they'll even send you a free shipping label if you live in the United States of America and they'll take devices from anywhere in the world so just had to sell your slash rut K mods and sell your device I'll appreciate it and they will – and hey you'll be making some money and they do it at top dollar so go there and check them out and welcome back so anyway yeah we're going to be going through all this showing you how to enable those speeds and show you how you can still have an older operating system and anyway let's get into it Haggai is so quick disclaimer before you continue watching this video you need to watch all the all the way through it's um once you do this you cannot go back and I've kind of learned this the hard way 1:38 the firmware we're going to show you coming up in the video changes the naming scheme and I guess in cludes a bunch of new security features once you flash you cannot rollback you cannot go back to an earlier five comma one or four comma one firmware it is a permanent set there it will not go back I've tried multiple times there's also some other problems which will explain to you later on in the video so just keep that in mind watch this whole video all the way through before you decide whether you want to do it or not okay so first off if you have an EFI flash card an official Apple brand card here if we go over to PCI slots here and look at the cards this is the speed I'm talking about right here this is the link speed and on a PC card it only runs at two point five and I'll be showing that again in a second but this is the official card that came with the system it's not metal supported now to get the Mojave installer you can literally install a download it from the App Store at least in a few weeks right now it's still the beta version but this also let me download the beta version with the non metal supported card it won't should still let you download the installer without a metal supported card the problem is with a non metal supported card when you try to run the beta installer you'll get that it says it needs the metal supported card and it won't let you continue so basically what we're going to do is we put in a metal supported card or at least a metal supported card I'll be using my GTX 580 which is not metal supported I would not recommend you trying Mojave with it unless you're using das dude one's Mojave patcher and it that would disable Mojave I mean metal but I wouldn't recommend trying this otherwise because the Installer will even let you start it with a 580 which it shouldn't so yeah anyway so I'll quickly install that card and we'll come back okay so before we continue on I like I said would not recommend using a 580 except for flashing and who knows if this problem will continue being a problem aka the heck I'm using here this may be fixed one day and these won't be officially metal supported in High Sierra anymore I figure it probably will be patched but right now it isn't patched so it still thinks it's a metal supported card first metal supported cars are gtx 660 ruiz the GT six 30s and six 40s at least some of them a few of those are firmly Fermi based I think by the Kepler based versions are metal supported and the rest the 600 series should be metal supported and later okay but we have the 580 in here currently if we go to system report and go over to devices and displays and stuff it says metal supported here it's not but let's go with its metal support it for right now if we go over to PCI though and we look it says 2.5 gigs here okay the link speed is running at half speed that's a problem and that's because of the current bootrom that Ciara runs which is right here uh yeah that's it right there will be flashing this to the Mojave one so basically the only thing we need to do is open up the mojave installer you know and now it's where let us do it because it thinks it's got metal based card in it it isn't but still will shut the system down and will perform the flesh hold the button in let go if it starts flashing oh yeah right we won't be able to watch that because this is a PC card but it is flashing because the card the drive eject too so once this boots up we'll see what happened okay so the system just shut itself off and started back up and it's starting to boot up now and since this is a PC card we'll have to wait for the screen to kick on but it should be booting up okay and here it comes now the Installer will start coming back up probably we'll see yeah so if you don't want to go on with Mojave especially if you're doing what I'm doing right now I like I said wouldn't recommend doing it with a GTX 580 installed the only thing you've got to do is right click down here hit quit and then you can go down into your applications and then find the Installer click and drag it into the trash right here then you can delete it and you've got the most recent firmware here which we will check out about this Mac and go to system report here and here we go it says boot rom 30 at 138 that is the most recent boot ROM version and if we go over to PCI it is still running at 2.5 mm that's not right okay so I've switched over to the 950 here I should have probably just done the whole video with the 950 here I keep wanting to say 960 I've got a ton of 960s this is my only 950 but anyway I put it in here so you could see that it does actually do the 5 gig speed for some reason I figure my 580 even though I thought it was a PCIe 2 card it's detecting it as a PCIe 1.1 card so oh well that Cairo and that description from earlier in the video but anyway we've gotten the 950 in it but I've spent hours trying to get this to work since the last video you you saw and there's been some issues and I'm going to have to explain all those to you but before we do that let's just hop up on here and show you so we've got the in video web drivers working here if we go over to about this Mac we see here we're running the 950 system report if we go over to PCI and the 950 if we look it is now running at 5 gig at 5 gigs full link speed of PCIe – in this system so we're finally getting full speed but it may be at a cost and I don't know if you guys would want to do this or not if you're going from if you're stay on high sierra or an older OS like for say el capitan or something like that i don't know if this will be fixed and later flashes but currently 138 we'll go back over here to actually right here 138 as we can see boot ROM version 138 okay before this version came out it was always MP one five or five one MP five one and then number or if you had the four comma one before you flashed it to the five comma one it was MP for one now they've changed the naming scheme and you can't go back from it so once you do this it's permanent and it took me a long time to figure that out because now this firmware tool is completely useless and that also would be a problem if you ever need to roll back to four comma one so this is you know very big if you're going to Mojave the official way by flashing up and updating it and whatnot you're going to be stuck with this firmware permanently and there was another few problems I had when I realized that the 580 wasn't working right I was trying to get the 950 to work I already had the Nvidia drivers installed but it would not switch to the it was only stunt it was always stuck on the default Mac OS drivers you could set up to this restart it and it would switch right back to the default I could never get the screen to come up so when you're flashing this what you have to do right after you flash it is so you have to do an nvram reset and what you have to do is after it's flashed and it boots back up shut it down and then turn the power on and hit command option + P and are all at the same time and wait for it to beep well you hear it chime like normal and then you're wait until it chimes again then you let go of those that reset the NVRAM okay so command option PR and that will then allow you to choose your in video web drivers and enable it the thing is I was still having problems with the card and actually showing any display and I had to fix that I don't know why it fixed it that way but I had to fix that by I'll show you I had to actually grab the 3 comma 1 HD 2600 I have from my three comma one and stick it in here so see what the drivers were doing with this card but the second I stuck it in here the display showed on this and the display showed on that I don't know what happened there so basically what I'm saying here is yes you can do this and yes it will enable full speed it will take the cosmetic speed limitation off and the possible actual speed limitation off as you can see okay this card works this card completely works and like again like I said it is now running at the full speed and if it hadn't been flashed to 138 it would still be running at 2.5 so yes it does work but do at your own risk if you need your system to work you know I wouldn't do it yet wait until the next Mojave update comes out this is still during the beta stages so there's probably going to be a working flash it's probably going to be something called like 139 or something like that right now this one's Kyle it Chi from what I can tell but this proves that you can do it and keep it on your old operating system I even booted this into El Capitan and you could boot it into earlier – it should work it should work in any operating system this system was originally supported in so there you go that's how you install the latest Mojave boot ROM okay that's how you do the latest Mojave boot ROM without actually updating the Mojave and that's how you enable your full speeds but like I said before don't at your own risk I probably can't help you if this fails and it's it might make you pull your hair out but it's still worth trying if you really want those full speeds and you don't want to go on to Mojave and it's understandable because Mojave may end up having a lot of issues even though it's a very revolutionary operating system is still yeah I I haven't played with a whole lot yet but you know it's still beta at this time it will be out officially in a few weeks though so yeah if you want your full card speed you can do this and it will probably work but it's irreversible and it may give you a few headaches but you can probably get it back up and running if something bad happens I just hope nothing bad happens if you try this so anyway so yeah I didn't really want the video to end this way but I've I started filming this at like 10 p.m. it's now 2:00 a.m. and literally this whole film was supposed to take like five minutes and it took me forever to figure out what was going on so yeah like I said I've warned you if you want to do this go ahead it will probably work but be careful because you can't roll back so that could be a lot of problems because this flash tool is now useless it will never work again the system will literally just shut off when it starts flashing because it's protected even with s IP disabled so keep that in mind anyway so anyway guys thank you for watching today and don't forget again I do have a patreon just go over to that it's going to be at the end of the video or down in the description and if you want to support me I'd really greatly appreciate it but you know I like doing these videos for free for you guys by anyway also if you have an Apple device you'd like to sell so your Mac dog / rut can mods and anyway so that's in the video and thank you guys for watching this has been a rocking mods video

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  • Reply AlexLordAlcyone July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Great content. I arrived here down a slightly different rabbit hole…. 😉 . Using a 2010 5,1 ; running High Sierra, in MP51 boot rom – and trying to get NVMe M2 SSDs to work. Sierra will not even see those M2s. High Sierra sees them, I can carbon copy clone onto them (so long as they are formatted as HFS+), but even though CCC says bootable, I cannot boot off them unless I upgrade to Mojave. However I'm informed that Mojave does not support these old machines because of metal. Ordered a Ati radeon WX 7100; maybe I can do the rom update and get the M2s to work…

    ps. Just noticed my old ATI Radeon 7700 is getting 5.0 GT/s in M51 boot rom.

  • Reply Agrifino Azcueta July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Hi there I'm looking for an upgrade GPU for an old iMac Pro, do you mind to publish it if you have any? Thank you Sir.

  • Reply meloD30 July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Thanks for the vids, you're a great source of info and we get to see you try out different ideas that not everyone does.
    I understand that you cannot go back to previous firmware. But can you clarify what the downsides are, if any, to updating to the mojave firmware.
    I've also found a hardware mod for this, basically knocking a resistor off the gpu. Since I know someone who could do this, is that a better solution to get the full GPU link speed?
    Last question, how much of a difference would this make for video editing, should I just not bother since I can get by with what I've got? (5,1 W3565 & 7950)

  • Reply Haus Hahn July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Hi really appreciate your videos especially the PCIe speed part under MacOS. Do you know if you will also have the same link speed under Windows 10? Or it’s going to use PCIe 1.1?

  • Reply GroovyDrifter July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    buy a tripod, man… thumbs up to the video, quite instructive, but hard to follow.

  • Reply Mark Hollis July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    It isn’t NVRAM, it is P-RAM (Command)-(Option)-P-R

  • Reply Bunty Simmons July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Why don't you put you camera on a tripod

  • Reply Pär Nordqvist July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    I have Mac Pro 5.1 from 2012 with 2 SSD:s. One of them is prepared for MacOS, formated in MacOS extended journaled and I have Nvidia GTX680 with Metal-support. But it won’t let me install Mojave, the message that yo need a Metal-supported card comes up all the time. What is wrong? Is it that the card has no Nvidia-driver?

  • Reply Tikko July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    You're cute

  • Reply pid cin July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Good stuff dude!

  • Reply treypop July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    could you revert to an earlier version if you used a diffident hdd?

  • Reply mineTurtle dmg July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    I want one of those G5’s

  • Reply Mitch Goddard July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Is it safe to assume that were I to modify the Mojave firmware to include NVME drivers that once I got around to actually installing Mojave it would not attempt to update the firmware during the install process?

  • Reply Ross Kinard July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Why don't you just get an EVGA GTX 680 (2GB model) and flash it with the official Mac Edition EFI ROM? That gives you a full Metal-compatible GPU for any future diagnostics while running Mojave and the latest firmware. You won't need the nVidia web drivers with it either. You can use the ROM Tool that is on the MacRumors forums to go back to older firmware, but only if you have saved a dump of your firmware before update. There's a user on the forums who could take the newer ROM and copy your machine specific info back into the older ROM file and let you go back. He's gone back and forth between ROM versions repeatedly while testing.

  • Reply Ozzy Oberhammer July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    That SellYourMac website is a insult and low balling. prices. No way would I sell anything on that. Ebay is the way to go.

  • Reply Gabriel Androczky July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Hi there. Have you tried changing the flash tool’s plist file that contains the valid rom revision numbers it can flash by adding your new boot rom string in there? Could that make a rollback possible? I don’t know though if these contain a full rom image or just a delta, but it’s worth a try. The 4,1 to 5,1 firmware tool was modified the same way to allow the upgrade back then…

  • Reply ricky v July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    I have always liked your videos. When you were doing those Mac Pro 1.1/2.1 videos in the past, I watched all of them. I learned so, much about updating a older Mac Pro system from you. Surprising, with a modern OS those machines are still great machines. If I still had one of those older computers sitting around I would probably update it to El Capitan and enjoy it as a second computer with two 5770s. I may still do that as a second video editing machine for a team mate.
    My praise has gone on long enough. Keep the videos coming. I am glad you are still producing videos for us all to enjoy. As they say in theatre, "Break a Leg".

  • Reply Tim Reisinger July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    What are some good/inexpensive “metal” gpu’s?? Not doing gaming or video editing

  • Reply LondosHair July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    It's good to know this willl be a part of the final Mojave release, but since it's a permanent change I'll hold off until Mojave is officially out.

  • Reply MarchMountain July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    I wonder, have you tried downgrading the firmware using a pre-SIP version of OS X? Even with disabling SIP I've not had good luck with firmware flashes, so I always use Mavericks just in case.

  • Reply Skip741 x July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Greg, a general question about flashing firmware and going back again if there are issues..I have a 13" late 2011 macbook pro that used to run yosemite with no issues..i wanted to try high sierra becuz of the new apfs file system.
    when installing, i noticed the firmware flashed as it was installing.end result was high sierra installed ,works great BUT my Full max display brightness is Less than what it was with yosemite..its lower in percieved brightness by abt 2 notches compared to before…Ive spent hrs trying to figure out what changed and how to correct it but have come up empty…seems firmware change something, maybe to increase battery life?..question is: can these firmware updates ever be reversed or undone back to previous? i know it might mean that one Cant run high sierra cuz those lfashes are required..Id be happy to have yosemite or capitan and have my brite screen back though…let me know if its possible or if you know what may be causing high sierra screen brightness to be dimmer than before. thanks!

  • Reply dinerman2000 July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    when are you upgrading cpus and memory

  • Reply Krystian Androidsky July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Hi Greg, did you do a GPU speed test/comparison before and after the flash?

  • Reply F. van Nierop July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Great video again !!

    It looks like you can still downgrade , vieuw post #47 here :

  • Reply oldmarinevaughn July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    I will not do this on my Mac Pro 4.1 ~ flashed to 5.1, thank you for info

  • Reply TheHouseOfMoth July 6, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Good info! Btw GT/s is GigaTransfers per second (in case you have to talk about it again 🙂 )

  • Leave a Reply