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4 Advanced Controller Fortnite Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier! (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox Tips)

December 3, 2019

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over 4 advanced tips specifically for controller Fortnite players. I guess maybe one or two of them could also
be helpful for mouse and keyboard players, but again this video is by a controller player
for controller players so no promises. And without further ado, let’s get right into
it! Alright so the first tip for controller players
actually has to do with windows in Fortnite. And I know that may sound really strange but
let me explain what I mean by that. For a long time in Fortnite, if you played
with a controller, for some reason, if you were looking through a window while aiming
and shooting at an enemy, you wouldn’t get any aim assist. It was a really annoying glitch, and it’s
not like shooting through windows is some super rare thing, you do it fairly frequently
in-game. Luckily that glitch eventually got fixed a
few months ago, but not for everybody. At the time when the glitch was fixed, legacy
aim assist and settings were the only option available in the game, so with legacy you
don’t have to worry about this glitch. However if you uses the new aim assist and
settings options, you’re not going to get any aim assist when shooting through windows. And the way I actually initially found out
about this was when a Twitter user named EvolveJake tagged me in a clip of him demonstrating this
issue, and I’ll show that to you guys right now. So fairly simple and convincing evidence right
there, when he was on new settings he got no aim assist on that enemy whatsoever, but
then as soon as he switched to legacy, the aim assist looked totally normal. Therefore the tip here is fairly self-explanatory. If you’re someone who uses the new settings,
you want to avoid these window fights whenever possible, because you’d probably be surprised
how hard it is to aim even at very close range without any aim assist. On the other hand if you’re a legacy player,
fighting through windows is gonna be just like any other fight, and honestly with how
many players use the new settings, you may even want to try to bait players into window
fights, because if they aren’t getting aim assist and you are, that should be a super
easy win the majority of the time. The next tip in this video specifically deals
with shotgun for controller players. A pretty easily correctable mistake that a
lot of players make when using shotguns, is where they have their crosshair positioned
when moving around. What I’ve noticed that most people will do
especially when sprinting, is they’ll almost subconsciously move their crosshair down a
little towards the ground. It sounds a bit weird when you say it like
that, but I believe players do it because it gives them a slightly better view of everything
in front of them. However here’s why that’s something that you
don’t want to do, especially if you’re a controller player. If you move your crosshair down, all that
means is that when you see an enemy, you’re going to need to quickly flick it up, since
you always want to shoot at an enemies’ body/head area. On mouse, this is still something you’d want
to avoid, but it isn’t as big of a deal since quickly flicking upwards is pretty easy to
do. But with a controller when you’re only aiming
with a thumbstick, so it’s obviously going to be a lot harder. So what you really want to emphasize doing
while moving around, is keeping your crosshair at least at body level, and if you’re really
confident that an enemy is about to be in front of you, moving it up to head level may
also be a good idea. And I know that may be a bit difficult to
visualize for some of you without a video example, so that’s what I’ll show you right
now in creative mode. So I know this is with just a still target
and with an enemy it would be a bit more complicated but, what a lot of people will do is run with
their crosshair kinda like this, around the leg to stomach area. So then when the enemy pops on your screen
and you go to shoot them, you’re gonna flick your crosshair up, which could make you inaccurate. But if you instead run around like this, with
the crosshair already at body level, you’re in a much better position to hit a clean and
easy shot. The next tip in this video is going to deal
with placing traps on controller. At least in my opinion, this is hands down
one of the most buggy and overall annoying aspects of playing Fortnite with a controller. I’m sure a lot of you guys can relate to finding
yourself in a situation where an enemy jumps inside of your box, so you try to make the
smart play and quickly surround them with traps, but for some reason the placement either
gets delayed, or they just don’t place at all. So I wanna cover 2 things you want to avoid
doing while placing traps, that many of you guys may not even know about. The first thing you want to avoid while using
traps, is trying to place them through an enemies body. Just imagine that every time you have a trap
in your hand, that there’s a theoretical crosshair in the middle of your screen just like there
would be if you were holding a weapon. If that theoretical crosshair is positioned
on the enemy, the game isn’t going to let you place that trap even if there’s a wall
behind them. And I’ll just show you guys a short little
clip of that right now, but with a sentry robot simulating a player. So if you’re just spamming your trap place
button and your crosshair happens to travel across and enemies body even for just a second
or 2, it could totally mess up everything. So what you want to do to avoid this is always
aim for the top half of walls when placing traps, since that’ll be well above head level
of any enemy. The 2nd trap placement tip that’s specific
to controller, is that when you press the actual place button, if you hold it for anything
more than like a fraction of a second, the trap for some reason just won’t place. It’s a pretty ridiculous feature that makes
an already buggy mechanic feel 10x worse. I mean, just imagine if a single shot weapon
like a shotgun didn’t shoot if you did anything more than barely tapping your trigger, that’s
pretty much how traps work. So, especially in situations where you’re
quickly spamming traps, you need to make sure you’re only tapping whatever your place button
is, and nothing more. The final tip in this video is more of an
advanced/cool one than a super practical one, but I’ve seen a few people ask me about it
so I think it fits here. Ever since confirm edit on release was added
to fortnite at the beginning of chapter 2, people have been asking for a similar setting
that would be reset edit on release. And even though that feature hasn’t been added
yet and may never be, there is technically a bootleg way to reset edits on release. So let me just transition into creative mode
real quick, and let’s use this wall as an example since it already has an edit in it,
and let’s pretend you wanna reset it. And before we do this, you need to know that
my select squares button is RT/R2 and my reset edit button is LT/L2. So the first thing I’m gonna do here is press
my edit button to open the editing menu. From there I’m going to press and hold RT/R2,
which in this example will select a square, but that doesn’t matter and it isn’t necessary. Then as I’m still holding RT/R2, I’m gonna
tap LT/L2 to reset, and then as soon as I do that let go of RT/R2. And as soon as you let go of RT/R2, the edit
resets just like if this were reset on release. You actually can do this pretty fast as I’ll
showcase right now, but I’ll admit the timing of it is a little weird, and at the end of
the day it’s the same amount of button clicks as just regularly pressing reset and then
the confirm button. So maybe if you practice it a lot you’ll prefer
it over regular reseting, but like I said it’s probably more of just a cool thing to
show to your friends.

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