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2019-2020 RAM 1500 Barricade Extreme HD Rear Bumper w/ LED Fog Lights Review & Install

December 11, 2019

Hey, guys, it’s Joe from AmericanTrucks. And today, we’re gonna be taking a closer
look at the Barricade Extreme HD rear bumper with LED fog lights, fitting all ’19 and newer
RAM 1500s. Now, this is gonna be a great option for you
if you’re looking for an off-road capable rear bumper that’s gonna keep a lot of the
factory features, as well as add some new ones of its own, such as these LED fog lights,
all at a budget-friendly price tag. So, what do we have going on here with the
Extreme HD? Well, first thing’s first, let’s talk about
the build on the actual bumper. And I’m happy to report there is no plastic
anywhere on this thing, and you can’t say the same thing for the factory rear bumper. This guy is made out of 3-millimeter steel
all the way throughout, and that is definitely going to take a hit better than the plastic
on the factory rear bumper would. It’s sealed in this awesome black powder coating,
which, albeit, if you were going for the blackout look, this is going to be a perfect match. However, it’s also there to serve as a nice
layer of protection against the elements. This bumper is available with or without these
two 3-inch, 5 watt Cree LED light cubes, and that’s gonna be a great way to add a little
bit of utility to the rear of your RAM. They’re IP67 waterproof, meaning they can
withstand up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. They put out a nice, bright white color temperature,
leaning very slightly toward the blue side. Specifically, that’s going to be right around
6,000K. And they’re completely plug and play, there’s a wiring harness with a switch included
in the kit. We’re gonna show you how to get these wired
up in just a second. Another brand new feature, and this is going
to apply to the Extreme HD in general, these steps on the side right here provide a nice
and easy way to climb into the bed of your Ram. They have a little bit of non-slip in here
as well, that doubles as some drainage too. So, those are gonna be perfect, nice, and
grippy even in wet or muddy conditions. If you plan on doing any work in the bed of
your truck, that is also a great thing to have. You usually see those on the newer Chevy Silverados,
but to see that over here on the Ram is a really nice touch. This bumper also retains a lot of the factory
features. You can see we have holes pre-drilled for
proximity sensors. We keep our trailer plug as well as the 2-inch
receiver, that is factory down there. And we even get a brand new license plate
light, however, that will need to be hardwired. Again, we’ll show you how that’s done in just
a second here. Pricing for the kit, gonna drop in right around
650 bucks, and that is really a great price to pay. You’re getting a great bumper here, pretty
much all of the features from the factory rear bumper as well as some new ones. And relatively speaking, for all of those
features, this is a pretty budget-friendly bumper, and it’s gonna be a great return on
investment. Now, before we move on to the good stuff,
which is the install, couple of things we need to talk about here. If you do wanna save a little bit off the
price tag, you can get this without these LED light cubes, like I said earlier, that
will save you around 30 bucks. In my opinion, it is worth it to pick those
light cubes up. And secondly, a little bit of fitment qualification
here. This is only intended to fit the 2019 redesigned
Ram, so a fifth gen truck. If you’re rolling with a 2019 classic, that’s
gonna be a fourth gen Ram, this is not intended to work for that truck. However, we do have plenty of options available
for you, believe that. Now, for the install. This is gonna be really, really easy, direct
bolt-on, no drilling. That license plate light will need to be hardwired,
but light cubes, they’re completely plug and play. Also, this thing is a little bit heavy, so
I’m gonna give it an easy two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. At most, it should take you about an hour
or two in the driveway with nothing but some basic hand tools. So, without any further ado, let me show you
what tools you’ll need and how it’s done. Tools we used for this install will include
an impact, ratchet, sockets ranging from 10 millimeters all the way up to 18 millimeters,
flat-head screwdriver, some electrical tools like wire strippers, wire crimpers, and spade
connectors, a 13-millimeter wrench, and this Allen key which does come included in the
kit. So, first thing’s first, we got to get this
factory rear bumper out of here. It’s not as hard as it might seem, it actually
seems to be pretty simple. But before we touch any of the hardware, we
got to disconnect some of our electronics, the license plate lights, and the trailer
plug. Both of those things have to be disconnected,
and then we can work on getting this thing out of here. So, to remove these license plate lights,
there’s a little release tab right here, we’re gonna push that in, and then we’re just gonna
pry that away with the flat-head. Now, before we get the other one, we’re gonna
take care of the trailer plug. There’s a little release tab right here, we’re
just gonna push that down, pull straight back, that will disconnect. And then we’re actually gonna transfer this
over to our new bumper. So, we’re gonna push in these metal tabs,
and that will fall right out the other side of the bumper. And then we can disconnect the other license
plate light. Now, we can start work on the hardware, two
16-millimeter nuts on either side of the frame. Now, the last few pieces of hardware, they’re
15-millimeter bolts, however, they are under our license plate here. So, we’re gonna get that out of the way first,
10-millimeter socket to do so. With those two bolts out, this bumper is just
pretty much resting on our receiver and the exhaust tips, so we’re gonna get this guy
out of here. So, now that we have our factory rear bumper
completely off of our Ram here, we’re gonna go ahead and bring in the Barricade. We got a little bit of work to do on this
thing, but it is thankfully pretty simple. Little bit of light wiring here with that
license plate light, like I said earlier, but it’s nothing you can’t take care of with
a couple of basic tools. Now, other than that, we also have these plugs
right here. These are gonna fill in the proximity sensors. Our truck isn’t optioned with that. If your truck is, you can go ahead and transfer
those over, it’s pretty much gonna be the same exact process. These little plastic clips, these are for
the license plate, they give you a little bit of threading to screw into. This is our trailer plug, we removed that
from the factory rear bumper, obviously, and then we’re gonna take care of our LED lights. So, we’re gonna start with the easy stuff. We’re just gonna go ahead and drop in these
six plugs for the proximity sensors. Now, these are just held in with friction. The kit does include some button-head screws
if you really wanna lock these plugs down. But in my opinion, you don’t really need them. It’ll probably a good idea if you did have
proximity sensors in here though. Our trailer plug, that is gonna drop right
in, and it’s gonna use the same metal bracket to hold itself still. And then we can go ahead and push in those
threaded inserts for the plate. And while we’re here, we can go ahead and
throw in that license plate light as well. Before we drop our fog lights in, we are gonna
have to get these mounting brackets installed. Now, that is pretty easy. If I hold it up like this, you could see one
side has a notch cut out of it, you want that to face toward the front of the light. So, we’re just gonna grab that and orient
it properly, and slide it in between the fins. Now, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna bring
that straight back. And the idea there is it’s gonna provide a
little bit of a slide, you can drop a nut in, and in theory, that fin is cut out to
hold that nut still. So, with that nut being held still, we could
come in from the side with the bolt and thread the two together. Now, once you have the thread started, you
could use the Allen key included in the kit to snug that up. We’re gonna do that for the other side of
the mountain bracket, and then we’re gonna do the same exact thing on the other light
as well. So, with the hardware in place, we can put
our mounting bracket where it needs to be, and that can go off to the side. For now, we’re gonna do the same thing for
this light as well. And again, you just wanna make sure that notch
is toward the front of the light, that’s gonna give you the range of motion you need, and
then we can drop the nut down the fin and get the hardware started through the side
of the light. And same thing goes for the other side too. Now, we can go ahead and drop that LED light
cube in. This bulb does come with the light cubes,
it is going to be held still by those notches cut out of the bracket. So, we’re just gonna come in from the front
and insert the plug and play harness, which is a little bit tight. Now, I went for the middle position here,
there are two other ones if you want this sort of bias to the left or right at all. And then from this side, we’re going to install
our lock washer and a 13-millimeter nut. And then we can go ahead and do the same thing
over on the other side. So, while we’re up on the table, we might
as well take care of our license plate lighting while we’re here. You can see the wiring is pretty much open,
we’re gonna use these spade quick disconnects here. These do not come in the kit. I would recommend going with something like
this. If you don’t have something like this, you
could use butt connectors for a more permanent solution. But we already have the female end of these
installed on our truck, I’m gonna walk you through how to do that once we get the bumper
in place. So, we’re gonna take care of this. And first thing’s first, we’re gonna grab
the wire stripper, and I’m going to strip back a pretty gracious amount here. And the only reason I’m stripping back this
much is because these spade connectors are little bit big for this gauge of wire. So, we’re gonna fold this over a little bit,
and you can see we only need to go in there about a centimeter. So, what we’re gonna do is to make this wire
a little bit thicker. Go ahead and insert that into our spade connector. Then I’m gonna take the crimp and squeeze
that down. That is a solid connection, no copper exposed
out here, that is good. We’re going to plug this in, and then, obviously,
once this is installed, you could heat shrink it down. But for now, we’re just gonna do the same
thing over on the other side. And again, a solid connection, no exposed
copper, so those are good to go. Once we get the bumper up, we’re just going
to plug these right into the female end. So, now we’re just about ready to hang up
our new Barricade rear bumper. But before we do, I figure we’d bring back
in the factory stuff and point out some key differences between these two, basically,
what is gonna make this Barricade a little bit better than the factory stuff. Now, the first and most obvious difference
here, it’s gonna come in the looks department, right? We’re ditching that factory chrome with all
of that plastic on there for a little bit more black out of a, sort of, style over here
with our Barricade. On top of that, it’s made of steel too, so
it should hold up a little bit better than that factory stuff, definitely an upgrade
in the looks and durability department. Now, one thing that really sets this Barricade
over the edge, just how many factory features you’re keeping from that factory rear bumper. We have those proximity sensors. Again, we didn’t have that option, but if
you did, they would transfer over. So, you get to keep that. We also have a new license plate light here. This is gonna be a standard bulb, again, we’re
gonna have to wire that a little bit later on. I think that’s a little bit of a downgrade
when compared to the two license plate lights on the factory rear bumper. Those are both LEDs, so that’s just something
to think about. Also, we’re transferring over that trailer
plug. That’s the factory stuff, so no love lost
right there. And one thing we’re keeping, which is really,
really important, our 2-inch receiver here, this isn’t going anywhere. We get to keep that functionality for the
back of our Ram. Now, there are a couple of features that the
Barricade is bringing to the table that aren’t existent on the factory stuff, you get those
steps out there on the side. If you plan on doing any work in the bed of
your truck, those are great to have, it’s gonna make climbing up there just that much
easier. You see those on the Chevy Silverados in the
more recent day, but that is definitely something great to have on the Ram. Also, on top of that, obviously, we’re getting
those work lights there, that is going to be a huge upgrade. If we’re looking to add some utility lighting
to the rear of our truck, that is a great option. And again, frankly, not existent on the factory
stuff. So, now we have the differences between these
two highlighted, we’re gonna grab some of the hardware in the kit and get this bumper
bolted up to our Ram. So, we’re gonna go ahead and rest that, sort
of, on the receiver. That is pretty stable, it sort of bounced
on the exhaust tips as well as the receiver right here. Then, we can crawl underneath and begin to
bolt it down. Now, in order to attach this bumper, we’re
basically gonna go to the back of the receiver, we’re gonna line up this nut plate. And then to secure it down, we’re just gonna
run through our 18-mill hardware with a flat washer and a lock washer. And now, we’re just gonna push all the way
up to align this, and we can tighten it down with that 18-millimeter socket. And then we can come over to the other side
and do the same exact thing. Now, we just have to plug everything back
in. We’re gonna start with the easy stuff here,
our trailer plug is gonna go right back on. And then you can see right here how we did
our license plate lights, and we’re just gonna plug those in as well. And you’re pretty much set for these two. One thing to note, you do have some extra
wiring here on this factory harness, but the kit does includes some zip ties for you to
wire management. And there’s even some mounting tabs for those
Christmas tree clips on the bumper. Now, the last thing we’re gonna have to plug
in, obviously, it’s gonna be our two fog lights. Now, we’re gonna have to take care of this
guy right here because we need to get power all the way to the rear of our truck. We’re gonna have to wire those bad boys up,
but thankfully, this is pretty much completely plug and play. Now, what we’re dealing with here, we got
two contacts, those are gonna go right to the battery. We have a relay, we’re gonna put this to a
ground right about here. Well, this doesn’t have to be a ground, this
is just a mounting tab. We also have a switch, this is gonna go into
the cab of our truck. And then, obviously, we have our waterproof
connectors here, we’re just gonna run those all the way back to the fog lights. So, first thing’s first, let’s attach these
contacts, and we’re gonna do that to each the positive and negative terminal. So, we’re gonna start with this nut right
here, 12-millimeter, on the positive side. And we’re just gonna remove that, drop in
our new guy, and reinstall. We’re gonna do the same thing for the negative
terminal, except the nut we’re gonna go for is now a 10-millimeter. And we’re just gonna drop on our contact,
and then reinstall. Our relay, we’re gonna put that under this
10-millimeter nut right here. And we’re gonna turn that off to the side
just to give this contact wire over here a little bit more slack. So, we got two things left. We have this switch right here. We’re gonna pop out a grommet right around
this area here and feed this into the driver’s footwell, that’s how we’re gonna get it into
the cab. And then we have these waterproof plug and
play connectors. These are just gonna go underneath of the
truck for now. Good spot I found right here to the side of
the fuse box, it is a little bit tight. But a good rule of thumb for these, keep them
away from any hot or moving components, really up to you how you route these otherwise. So, now we’re gonna take care of the switch,
and we’re just gonna use one of these wiring harness grommets to push that through. And the one I’m gonna go to is a little bit
deep in there, a little bit off to the left, but this will lead us right into the driver
footwell. Now, once we have that fed through, we can
flip that over. We have some adhesive on the back here. We could peel that backing away, and you could
pretty much stick that wherever you want it, I’m gonna put it right here. One thing you wanna make sure of is to keep
this wire out of the way of the pedals. Again, the kit does include some zip ties
for you to wire manage that. Last thing for us to do, plug in the fog lights,
and you are all set. Guys, that is gonna do it for me, it’s also
gonna do it for the Barricade Extreme HD rear bumper with LED fog lights, fitting all ’19
and newer RAM 1500s. Thank you guys so much for watching, subscribe
for more like this one. Keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all
things Ram.

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