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10 Unique Bike Products Reviewed Brutally

August 24, 2019

Today we’re going to have a look at 10 unique
products for mountain bikers, gravel extraordinaries, or anyone who likes to pedal. And I hope you find this video entertaining
because I actually lost one of the products while getting footage; this Tiny GoPro tripod. While packing up in the dark after a night
ride, it fell off the roof of my car. The following morning I went back to look
for it and it was gone, along with the Gopro that was attached to it. Before I lost it, this tripod always lived
in my pack. It’s extremely lightweight, and extends
to be much taller than other tripods many times its size. Collapsed it can be used as a selfie stick,
or as a handle. If you like bringing an action camera on mountain
bike rides this is one of the most versatile and compact accessories you can get, but like
other genuine GoPro products its price borders on ridiculous: $38 for plastic. Nevertheless, I liked mine enough to order
a replacement. It has become a primary piece of gear, and
now I can’t go without it. This next product could only fit on my road
bike, because it requires a lot of space inside your frame. Introducing the growler grabber. Unlike normal bottle cages which, of course
are designed to hold whiskey flasks, the growler grabber fits a 64 oz growler. To accommodate the heft of such a vessel the
Growler Grabber is much thicker than your standard bottle cage. It’s also outfitted with rubber grips to
keep the growler from popping out. Lest you think these rubber grips will protect
your glass beer container while descending a rough gravel road—well, I assure you they
will not. In fact, even my cranks hit this growler on
every revolution. But this product is more of a novelty item
reserved for pub crawls and bike festivals. It’s well made, looks nice, and probably
capable of clearing the cranks on a slightly larger bike. The Growler Grabber is hilarious and fun,
as long as you understand what it is and isn’t designed for. Next up is this Dakine Descent 70L gear bag. My wife recently ordered me a bunch of stuff
from Dakine and when I saw this, I thought it was just a duffel bag. In reality, it’s glorified duffel bag. But it’s actually very well designed. Unzip the bag and you’ll find a dedicated
tool section, along with a divided compartment for your helmet and a weekend’s worth of
clothing. In the top is a mesh compartment for your
pads and gloves, and a few nooks and crannies for other stuff. Your shoes get their own dedicated pouch at
the bottom, complete with a changing mat so you don’t need to stand around in the dirt
with your socks on. Given the high cost of quality luggage, the
$100 price tag of this duffel is digestible, assuming you travel enough to make it worthwhile. Next up, pipe cleaners. But not just any pipe cleaners, Scrubza Trail
Piks! When I received these, I assumed they were
just an assortment of pipe cleaners repackaged as bike detailing brushes, but what I found
out is that they’re actually an assortment of pipe cleaners repackaged as bike detailing
brushes. But the creator of Scrubza Trail Piks claims
to have sourced these brushes based on precise measurements for 10, 11, and 12 speed cassettes. The small premium you pay on these trial piks
eliminates the guess work of sourcing the perfect diameter pipe cleaners for detailing
your bike. And to be fair, the guy is right. These fit perfectly in my cassette, and when
I try to use the wrong size it’s actually really difficult. Who knew? So while the scrubza trail piks are in fact
just pipe cleaners, they work really well and a fair amount of thought was put into
sourcing them. Plus they’re blue. Next up is a lightweight camping chair made
by Trekology. Whether you’re pedaling out to an event,
or just want to keep a chair around for after ride beers, this chair is lightweight and
compact enough to take with you. I’ve seen similar chairs priced in excess
of $100, and while this is not made of titanium it is very light and only costs $40. Unlike fold out chairs, this takes about 30
seconds of assembly, which is not a big deal. It’s an adult sized chair, but it’s probably
not great if you’re particularly large or heavy. But for most of us, it’s a great alternative
to really expensive versions of the same thing, and mine so far has been working out great. Next up is this Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite
NTX+ multi tool. As you may have guessed by its complex name,
this is just one of many tools in the ratchet rocket line, but I’m most impressed with
the NTX+ because it comes with a torque wrench. The Ratchet Rocket is packaged in a ballistic
nylon pouch which you can velcro strap to your belt or just throw in your bag. Inside is a micro ratchet, a very ergonomic
chain tool which attaches to the bit extension, an impressive assortment of bits, and of course
that torque attachment. While this tool is very ergonomic, well equipped,
and easy to access, the large quantity of loose parts does concern me a bit for trailside
use. It’s also up for debate as to whether this
is quicker or more convenient than a conventional multi tool. At $80 the ratchet rocket ntx+ is far from
a good value even with the torque wrench, and its parts could eventually go missing. But I don’t care, because it’s shiny,
beautiful, clicky, and downright addictive to use. As a tool nerd, I’ll take the tradeoff just
to use little ratchet any chance I can. Now we move on to a product that promises
to keep your pedals warm during the winter. Actually these Nox Sox are to keep your pedals
from damaging other bikes or the inside of your car, and they’re a clever solution
to a common problem. They’re basically just neoprene socks that
button into place over your pedals. I quickly realized the size small ones are
made for clipless pedals while the large ones will fit most platforms. There’s not much else to say about them. You could use a Coozie for the same purpose,
but these Nox Sox do fit a lot better and look legit. I will be using them to store pedals in my
bag while traveling. And now I will review the fanny pack you’ve
seen me use for the past few months. I got my first osprey hip pack a few years
back, and it’s honestly the most secure, well equipped one I’ve ever used, but it
has a huge footprint and I don’t really need to carry so much stuff. This pack from High Above is just the right
size, really comfortable, and hand made in Bellingham Washington with materials such
as metal buckles and heavy duty zippers. It has a sorry excuse for a water bottle holder
which can be attached to either side, but I don’t use it. It bounces around a bit like most hip packs,
and the straps do loosen up a little over the course of a ride, but I love this pack
anyway. It’s indestructible, comfortable, and has
just the right combination of pockets. Plus, it matches my hardtail. Speaking of which I saw all the other color
options at Sea Otter and they were vast. So this pack has a lot of potential for personalization. I saved these last two reviews for the end
because they’re for two sets of bike lights, and they warrant a little more discussion
than the other products. If you want to get into night riding you really
need a flood light on your handlebars to light up the trail, and a spot light on your helmet
to see around turns. So the two light sets I’m reviewing today
both consist of a flood and spot light. And what’s interesting about these light
sets is that one costs $105, and the other costs about $725. Let’s start with the budget lights which
are made by Bright Eyes. As I said these are $105, and I bought them
to review because they actually come with good quality Sanyo batteries. This means they should hold a charge long
term, and work okay in cold weather. Indeed my testing shows that these Bright
Eyes lights will easily get you through a 3 hour ride with plenty of power to spare. Both lights come with charging cables, an
impressive array of high quality mounts, and some bonus accessories like tail lights. They also look nice, have battery indicators,
and easy to access buttons. My only criticism of the overall package is
the poor quality straps for the flood light battery. I’d recommend replacing these with any gear
straps or even zip ties. As for the performance, have a look at my
first downhill. These lights performed about like you would
expect for the price. My main criticism would be the inconsistent
beam which makes it harder to judge the terrain ahead. I had to dial my speed back considerably and
there were some corners I had trouble seeing around, but nobody’s trying to win a midnight
downhill race with $100 lights. Bright eyes actually has their priorities
straight, choosing to go with good batteries and mounts over really bright lamps with nothing
to back them up. So as an option for a casual night rider,
or someone who doesn’t intend on going fast, these are of excellent value even with the
crappy battery strap. Now let’s move on to this $725 light set,
designed and manufactured in Great Britain by a company called Exposure. These are expensive, boutique lights by any
definition, so any flaw in my opinion is egregious. This is gonna be brutal. So let’s start with the overall package. Both lights are self contained, meaning there’s
no external battery that straps to your frame. While this does make for a nice clean mount
without any wires, it also means you have a rather large and vulnerable device on your
handlebars which makes me a little nervous, given that this flood light alone is over
$500. The build quality on both lights is incredible,
and I’d expect nothing less given the price. They look and feel like weapons, however I
can’t say the same for the mounts. The helmet mount for the spot light is cleverly
designed, but it moves around too easily and is made of flimsy plastic. It just doesn’t feel like the mount that
should come with a $250 spot light. That spot light also comes with a handlebar
mount which has got to be someone’s idea of a joke. There’s no way I’m plowing through a rock
garden with a $250 light mounted to my bars like this. Even the $22 spot light from bright eyes came
with multiple mounting options that were more secure than this. As for the flood light, I was a bit skeptical
about the mount to say the least, and this skepticism was confirmed when Alexander crashed. As I kind of suspected, this enormous handlebar
mounted lamp is quite vulnerable when things don’t go as planned. It’s worth noting that I’ve been in several
wrecks with other lights and have never had one come off of a bike. And I doubt there’s a person here who hasn’t
washed out around a turn. For the record, I did repair this mount using
a nail as a rivet and perhaps that failure point was by design to protect carbon bars. In any case, I feel like there should be a
better solution. But the real question is, how do these Exposure
lights perform? They perform about like you would expect from
nuclear reactors. These friggin’ things are very bright, and
the beam quality is as close to flawless as it gets. With these lights, I ride no differently than
I would during the day. They’re absolutely ridiculous. The battery life on the flood is also impressive. In fact, when you’re just sitting there
it dims automatically to save battery, and gets bright again as soon as you get back
to braapping. The spot light, the one that goes on your
helmet, is so bright by itself, that it could be used as a primary light. It’s truly incredible. But despite all my praise for the performance
of these lights, it’s still true that you can spend half the money and get something
really good. The lights I’ve been using for the past
3 years are about $350 and they leave me wanting for nothing more. They’ve survived multiple wrecks, and while
they’re not as bright or consistent as the Exposure lights, they don’t hold me back
either. These Exposure lights, while absolutely incredible,
are lacking in their accessories. And If you’re gonna spend laptop money on
bike lights, you kind of want every part of the package to be on the same level. If these were priced at 3 or even 400 bucks,
I’d have been a lot more forgiving in this review. Anyway, that’s my review of 10 unique bike
products. I hope you found this video informative, useful,
or even just entertaining. If so, give it a like, and check the description
if you want additional info on all this stuff. That’s it for now, so thanks for riding
with me today. I’ll see you next time.

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