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04 $80 Big Hexapod Robot From Markwtech Full Building Part 4- Electronics Installation(2)

January 22, 2020

This is my ps2 receiver adapter with Dupon pins. Two 3mm spacers rise the pcb mounting on the board. Marking the holes I will drill on the frame. 4 pins Dupon connector. Connect to GND, VIN and A0. 1n4004 diode, solder to vin pin I won’t make the battery indicator led board. So we don’t need to solder these two resistors. Solder the red wire to 1n4004 enough. Black wire solder to the ground pin. Sorting the wires, the red wire solder to the power switch The procedure same as solder the sbec to switch. Leg one is the top left, servo 1 is coxa, servo 2 is leg 1 femur, servo 3 is leg 1 tibia. I’m showing leg 4, clockwise count form leg 1. Leg 5 coxa now Leg 5 femur Leg 5 tibia Connect the power from sbec to the board. Servo signal to mega 2560, please check the schematic picture from the maker website. If you still do not understand, please leave me message. Connect ps2 receiver to mega 2560. My receiver has a bit different. GND to GND VCC to 3.3v DAT to DAT CMD to CMD CLK to CLK ATT to CS I will show you how to connect the original receive at the end of this video. We have two red and two black wires from sbec and the vin port. After solder two red wires to the power switch. I need to solder the wires to the battery connector now. Here is the ps2 receiver pcb. We need the DAT CMD GND 3.3 ATT CLK. Solder six wire on the pcb Finished. Connect to the arduino board.

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