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❤❤❤Ms. Tee’s Sublimation & Heat Transfer Vinyl Pricing Calculator❤️❤️

February 16, 2020

Hi everyone, I’m Ms. Tee with today I’m going to show you the new Ms. Tee’s sublimation and HTV Pricing calculator, I created this calculator to be able to calculate my dye-sublimation designs And then I decided you know what I could do HTV with it as well So whether you’re doing sublimation or heat transfer? you can do all that and Get it the exact price that you need to be charging in your store and not leave any money on the table Let me show you how the calculator works So when you open it up, you’ve got a home page and you also have this page here, which is the material cost page Your material costs you need to put in the types of vinyl or sublimation paper glitter flake Whatever it is that you use whatever brands you use you put that in here And then you also want to put in Whatever substrate you’re printing on a substrate is whatever you’re printing on and that can be t-shirts cups mugs Keychains, whatever it is put the wholesale price give it a markup and That’ll give you the retail price will automatically populate So I’m going to show you guys how to figure out Your what you have to do is figure out your cost per foot. So let’s say for example Just pop onto the Internet. I wasn’t trying to do that Pop onto the Internet and let’s go to Put in heat transfer or final See the pop stuff heat transfer warehouse, let’s see what they’ve got Okay, let’s try the size are easily 15-inch So a 5-yard roll a 5-yard roll is thirty four ninety five and it comes in 15 inches, so we know that three feet Equals one yard, so we’ve got three feet equals one yard. So we’ve got 15 feet so we’re gonna do 35 books because 3495 you might as well say 35 and divide that by 15 that’s going to give us our Purse foot price. So we’re at 233. We’re going to round that up to 234 Which is what I have here two dollars and 34 cents. Let’s just type that out show you how that works 234 and turn That will give you the cost per square foot and the cost per square inch Will be right here. So right here you’re paying about a penny and a half per square inch From the material this role will populate Automatically once you get all of this stuff in go back over to your home screen now, we’re ready to quote a design let’s say I have a customer who wants a design and the average front length of a design is about 10 inches and Let’s say this is a 10 by 10 inch design okay, so we’re going to put in the length times the width of the design for the front back left sleeve so on and so Forth I’m only going to put this in as a front Sleep job now once we feel out everything it will give us this information here to tell us how many yards We need to complete a job and our task when you first get your calculator one thing that you want to do before you even do this, I moved a little bit too fast is to figure out your operational cost my operational costs for Let’s say the operation your operational cost which is going to be your monthly Operational costs which is your rent your lights Anything that goes into your operational cost? So the cost that what it costs you your doors open a month Let’s say it’s 3,000 bucks. Okay So if it’s $3,000 a month and I work 20 days out of that month It’s a hundred and fifty dollars a day Okay, I can go in and I can break that my operation So for me to keep my doors open, I need to make 150 dollars a day I can even break that down by the number of hours. I work. So let’s say let’s divide that by eight hours It means I need to bring in $18.75 per hour For me to keep my doors open out of that hour’s time I’ve got to figure out how much of that time is going to Doing heat press and vinyl. I’m just gonna guess I made it at 15% Okay anywhere but 10% it’s good 15% is even better It’s probably more around 10% for me, but I always kind of estimate a little bit higher Just so that, you know Just so that I know that I’m on point and I’m not losing money the key to any successful Business is to not lose money A lot of I see a lot of people out here doing heat press work And they’re really not making any money off of it. It’s becoming a hobby. So you guys got to really get this stuff down So that you can make money Another thing you need to figure out is your hourly wage that you want to be paid To press these shirts or as a press-up or what you pay your press operator in my shop. That would be 10 bucks An hourly wage that you would pay the print operator Which would be the printer? And that’s a person who’s sitting there that’s printing out the films They could be doing the artwork or anything like that If you have somebody doing that you can put in put that in you could put in 10 bucks 5 bucks Whatever an hourly wage that you pay to your Wii and I just put in 10 bucks on That now I’m normally the person who does the weeding and maybe can we’ll do the heat pressing in my shop So I’m just gonna put in ten dollars an hour on that If you want to make more you put more than that in there But that just gives you an estimate once this operational costs are set up You don’t need to go back in and change that Unless you end up changing figures or you can just feel like oh I need to do my shop Operational overhead is a little bit higher than what I estimated So once you do that, that’s pretty much set now with this 10 by 10 inch design I’ve got to figure out what’s the average time that it takes me to print a design and I’m gonna say 2 minutes The average time it takes me to contour cut it or to weed it 5 minutes cuz you know if I’m Weeding takes a little longer. So I put mine in at 5 minutes and average time to heat press the garment I put it in at 2 minutes, even though it may take me 30 seconds to heat press it I’ve still got to account for the time that I’m putting the garment on the press From and pressing it to the time that I’m taking it off. So I’m gonna say it’s about 2 minutes Okay. Now we’re gonna get our production times in just a moment. But what we’re gonna do go to the bottom and When we go to the bottom we want to say, okay. What type of Material do want to use now this information is coming from the material sheet material cost sheet that we put in when we first set this up so for this Job, let’s say that we’re just gonna use the size our easyweed 15-inch roll so to do one One print the material cost is a dollar and eighty-seven cents. I’ve got 83 cents in my weeding time Pressing time 33 cents shop overhead per piece costs up to 379 now this is very important because most people will just go in and say, okay I’m just gonna take this this this possum of material and The cost of the shirts can double it But when you do that you lose money because these pennies right here, they really add up So we’re going to mark this up by 200% and in my shop. I like to get 300% on buying them so I’m gonna do it 300% markup gonna go down here figure out what shirts I’m going to print that on and Can be whatever shirt you have in I’m gonna do it on a long sleeve. Well, no don’t want to do it on long sleeve Let’s just put in a regular shirt. The only shirts that I have pre-loaded or shirts that I do sublimation on so This is the guild ins ladies performance tee that t-shirt is already marked up Okay So it’s not getting marked up here with this mark that I like to do a separate mark up for my t-shirts then what I do for my Printing costs. So that’s one thing that’s different about this particular calculator Is that you do your markup for your t-shirts over here? And Reason being is some people don’t mark up t-shirts and some do if you’re buying t-shirts wholesale You should be making money off of that so if you’re doing um You’re buying your t-shirts wholesale You should be marking those up a standard markup is 200% So I’m doing more some do less really can’t get More than 200% on t-shirts, but you can get more than 200% on Your vinyl and that’s why this stuff is set separately so you can mark up on days, you know Hey, I need to pay bills. I need to really get that mark up in there so once we’ve got our t-shirt price in here We’re just going to put in how many we need and let’s say this lady needs 10 That’s going to give us our job total and our per search, so what we’re coming out with at a 300% markup Doing a job that’s ten by ten inches. We’re coming out with Almost two hours of print time is what we have we have all of this stuff populates it tells us how many How much material we need to use to get our job done we’re gonna use One point eight five yards. So approximately two yards and this does have waste included in it So you’re not gonna need as much but this is what you’re gonna need with the waste because you know with vinyl We’re charging for the vinyl that we don’t use it Not the vinyl that we do use and what I mean by that is if you have a 10 by 10 inch thing of vinyl that other five inches it may not get used it may but this is the way it calculates it up so that you have that that that That waste in there. So let me go back in here and show you this so you’ve got Depending on the size row that you’re using and we know that we’re using the 15 inch wide row We’re going to be using almost two yards of vinyl to do this job And this is our material cost per piece what we’re using so we’ve got Our printing is going to take us point three three of an hour Which is a third probably about 20 minutes in printing total we have Almost two hours or an hour and a half. It’s gonna take us an hour and a half to print To print and press our job from start to finish so an hour and a half’s worth of work our retail cost that we’re charging for small through extra-large is a is $189 so we’re getting an average of eighteen dollars if you want to know your profit you could go in and From your profit go in and take your per piece cost and your t-shirt cost wholesale, so That would be half of this which let’s say around four bucks. And this is around four books So let’s say eight books You’ve got ten dollars and ninety seven cents In profit in this so you can play with that profit there. You can say, okay I want I’ve got eight books in it and I’ve got almost eleven bucks in profit in there That kind gives you around two books to play with you always want to kind of double At least double what you’ve got now once you do this The good thing about it is you come over here to this left side I move so fast sometimes folks if you hit this little minus button that closes that and now You have an invoice that’s ready to print out for your customers so the only thing you have to do is add in the billing address or the name of the company and in this Information put your invoice number up there. It’s already filled out for you So we’ve got this is the material that they’re that we’re going to print on and it’s the type of material that we’re using and Everything that we did up top is already here There are going to be some instances when you’re going to have people who want to do multiple things in that case You can go here and there’s a drop-down Where you can add in the shirt from your list over there and then you can do the rest of this manually Okay, so I’m going to just show you go back up and Hit this, oh well, let me show you this the print how to go to print and the reason that we hide the our calculations is Because when we get ready to go to print we only want to show Our invoice form so that’s the reason that you would want to hide your calculations again you get when you want to show that farm you go here and Click here and the form pops back up Now when you want to clear that form or reset it You’re gonna hit the reset button and that’s going to clear everything out. But what it’s not going to clear out is your operational costs Your operational cost will stay. That’s the same and the print and Weavin will stay the same the left times the width This is gonna all turn to zeros and you’ll just go in every time and do it that way It’s very easy to use and it’s available at Latona com. There’s my website And You can go to letona comm check out our training classes that we have. Our next class is October the 20th got all types of cool stuff on here But we want to find that calculator go to store and under the store menu you’re gonna click on the t-shirt and endless coding software’s and it’s gonna be Right along in here somewhere. It’s not up yet, but it’ll be up by the time this video is posted again, I want to thank you guys for watching and thank you for supporting my website and Supporting my business. Have a great day

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