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डेस्कटॉप मदरबोर्ड रिपेयर नो पावर प्रॉब्लम no power mother board repair in Hindi

August 24, 2019

disclaimer disclaimer hello friends welcome to my channel creative hardware and scientist as you can see it’s a intel motherboard one of my follower coming from Bardhaman how to repair this motherboard from me this is Intel d z 68 DB as you can see this but this model motherboard does not turning on so its means no power problem on this motherboard small light from Diagnostic card is blinking but after blinking there is no sign to the life after that the motherboard stop working who is see the Diagnostic card I will show you why running this system so please wait sometimes I will show you now I will start it now I turn on the SMPS power then I will show you the voltage from here I will check the voltage of power on connector so wait now you need to check the first power sequence makes your dad the front panel connector have any voltage or not now put the negative probe from anywhere of this motherboard where is the negative and then start checking as you can see here I have found it 3.38 it’s pretty good and the power sequence is ok it’s available but when we trying to start this motherboard but it does not start see the Diagnostic card again the light blink one time active blinking one time it will stop automatically if same type of problem comes to you how should you recover this problem we will go ahead by step by step first of all I will remove the 4 pin connector of ATX connector after that I will not going to turn it again a while then I should power up it again no I will confirm it run or not please wait I am I’m working with this subtitle you will get this update as soon as possible only one time we need to discharge that motherboard ok and I will power it again I will show you again see it but it start again and stop again but it Run extra seconds that’s means our motherboard has short circuit problem to remove this what happened slowly running with slowly light blinking one time you focus and concentrate this thing what happened while I remove this if we saw the motherboard model number above 55 a single Bridge place there the memory controller will be inbuilt in CPU everyone know that but some people did not know this focus that if CPU power good is not going through V-CORE ic without core voltage motherboard will be restart sometime CPU fan will be spin then suddenly off this is the man syntom so start my work so first of all we test the four pin ATX connector in motherboar set the multimeter in buzzer mode or continuity mode after setting insert the black and red prob of the multimeter in atx connector this type when we insert this type then you can see zero ohms in multimeter or insert the prob both negative and positive side of atx connector the cutting side of two hole of the connector is positive and the other two hole is negative so you can see here a beep sond is coming and shoing zero ohms value that means a short circuit will happen so the motherboard is not starting so first we have detect the short circuit trick to detect shortcircuit you ill be apply shortcort way first you remove the cpu from motherboard then processor will place in better area then you check slowly slowly the primary mosfet so this is a primary mosfet the value of the mosfet is showing in ohms so we check the all primary mosfet and all mosfet showing the value in ohms so no shorting confirm where is the short will be goes. so our work will be found the shortcircuit area all mosfet showing no short how to find so why we can remove the mosfet without removing mosfet we can check other components so we can check the big capacitor and small small component with the help of magnifying glasses which place is damage this type see care fully which capacitor is damage or burn check the MLCC capacitor which burn or not because the big capacitor maximum time not damage but some time happend you can check the big capacitor opposite side of the motherboard but the big capacitor will show shorting when a MLCC capacitor is short so focous it ok do you understand or not so first of all we remove MLCC capacitor one by one there are 4 no”s MLCC capacitor so we can check one by one this type short will be sucessfully removed very easy way now we can check the remove MLCC capacitor is shorted or not you can see the capacitor showing shorted after removing the place will be dry because of the compound is flux. so clean the surface before you placing new component. you can see a difficalty in this capacitor the capacitor will be crack one side you can see closely i will try to show you very close by the help of magnifying glass you can see very clearly. you can it will be craked. one side will be cracked so it show short circuited. when we can replace the capacitor the board will be repaired. i can check again the capacitor for you. nothing happend in other place so we don’t work other section. you can see zero ohm’s becase am checking wrong place so it’s happen so zero ohm’s coming ok so we can through out the bad capacitor. then placing all the good capacitor in that place which we can remove doubtly. but you did not remove the processor so you can not remove shortcircuit in shortcort way am request to my student to control the air of my blower. because the tiny smd component removed her place for air flow. now we can collect the MLCC capacitor from othr motherboard then we place where the shorted capacitor will be removed. if you place a low value MLCC it will be shorted again. you can notice this thing. ok.. again i check for confirmation capacitor is shorted or not first place the processor in their place then check again for checking. The both prob of the multimeter is inserted in this type in atx connector. the value is 290 ohm;s and increse slowly slowly. ok now we can test the mother board starting or not. now we inserted VGA cable. but now problem is the mother is not a VGA port here two port is present one is HDMI port and another is VDI port. so we can use vga to dvi converter cable and then check the display. ok talk to outsider.. you can see we will start the motherboard.. we can place the atx pin in atx connector. now we will check. you can also seen the dignostic’s card clearly. now we start the board. the motherboard is starting. clock,reset,etc. will blink in dignostic’s card.. now the time for display coming.. o…. awesome the display will be coming. am very happy……. you can see the display also. and you can see the vga to vdi cable which is connected my computer and this motherboard.. the cable is carry my customer with him.. you can meet my customer he came from bardhaman in the place of westbengle and my youtube channel followers. and the second person is the bigbrother ofmy customer. also he is a INDIAN ARMY. I HAVE FEELINGS VERY GOOD. because the person is coming from very long distance to meet me and resolve her problems.. how you satisfied with this video. give a comment in my comment section which is blessing me for making a new video. also press the bell icon. so gay’s… have a nice day.. BY… BY… I LOVE YOU ALL…………………

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